Presenter: Lana Praner with the Lords
(a short excerpt – the whole lecture is 19 pages long)

Search for yourself and you will find your partner, because in a partner you will find yourself.
Through this you will create a strong bond on the Earth. This is a basis of the memory of construction,
where you create a matrix through which and with which you will travel to our world.

With us you will live in abundance, in symbiosis. You won’t cheat. You won’t search anymore because
you have already found yourself at the lowest point. And that is what we had at the Origin. And that is
what you are looking for on the Earth and you don’t find because you don’t create. Because you must
create to find, to live, to have.
Why would you suffer in your life?

In immortality you didn’t suffer. In immortality of origin, of life of first planets you were happy and
never unhappy.
That’s why you seek, only to be happy. You seek love.

You can become hateful if there is no love. Aggressive because there is no love. Not you, but in yourself
because you didn’t receive love when you were a child.
And don’t point with your finger to your mother, father, neighbour, aunt, uncle, anyone, don’t say that
they are guilty! This is accusation.

Hold up! Stop and stand.
Ask yourself: “Am I happy?”
I am not.

Good, this is the first step, to be honest with yourself.

Then ask again: “What makes me unhappy?”

If the answer is – relationship, if this is the answer, think about it, do you want to continue or to let it
go? Do you want something different? Build yourself to get something different! That you will say
correctly and according to your feeling: “This is the partner I want to have. I want that one. This is
the energy I want.”

This is creation. This is becoming mature. These are your dreams. This is life.
And the earth is suffering because you cause it by yourself. By yourself in the integrity of everything

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