Presenter: Lana Praner with the Lords

(a short excerpt – the whole lecture is 22 pages long)

When two destined find each other and come together, a life time completely, completely changes and adjust.
Because two destined are completely different from those who are karmic. This means a destined ones feel something more. Some sort of belonging and especially some kind of mission.
And when different kind of destined couples come together a work on their mission begins.
These couples find peace inside themselves and they find focus. And usually, if you’ll pay attention, they have a common goal. Everything flows towards the same goal. Even maybe at work, in every day work they go in to the focus. But especially in to the same placements, directions, redirections they go right where energies are connected.
That is why destined couples always supplement each other. Always did and always will. Because at the same time when a destined couple meet each other, a destined world gets activated. Or when you find pieces of a destined one, energies by destined get activated.
That is when Beings of Destiny of light approach. That is when Beings of Destiny of Light begin helping because a common goal is activated and will be achieved.
That’s what to look out for!
And you aren’t here to somehow search for a destined one. You are here to go through the destined world, through karmic world, through world of a matter and when you somehow surge yourself forward and come to the lowest point, you come to the point which connects with the highest point of destiny and actually even destined beings, friends, followers come together and meet.
Because this intermediate world, where karma is, is a cleared world. And when you come in to the world, to the point of a destiny, you somehow start looking at life differently.
Because you have, through karma, unburdened yourself, changed, learnt to find that very something, what is in you and what you yearn for, and that is what you get. Therefore, when this ballast falls off, you are finally on the side of destiny.