Presenter: Lana Praner with the Lords
(a short excerpt – the whole lecture is 18 pages long)

Life is a power of pretending. Life is a power of transformation. Life is the strongest energy of existence and at the same time the most destructive and transformative.

How is it possible that you are so very trapped on Earth? How is it possible that on Earth you don’t understand that you are on a wrong path? How is it possible that people with that kind of maturity that you are in contemporariness, allows enslaving of oneself, suffering of oneself and sadness of oneself?

Where is your joy? Where is your happiness? Where is your love? Where is your warmth? Where are you? Where are you floating?

Dear human, awaken in you as much love as possible. Awaken as many Light Beings in you as possible. And follow yourself. Not society. Yourself!

When a human gets a hold of himself, he starts sensing himself, then you will feel your own beating heart.
Not from radiation. Not from electromagnetic waves. Not from that which a modern technology is giving you, when your heart is racing, when your heart beat escalates on multiple turns, so you will come into exhaustion, you will come into used up energy of life and leave life.

But that is when you feel peace. That is when you feel the stillness inside of you. When, inside yourself, you feel the depth. When you feel, inside yourself, the magnificence and stability. And that brings joy. That brings awareness. That brings knowing. That brings the strongest power that you are having inside yourself, when you connect with your own heart.

Heart is the foundation of the moving energy, where the Fundamental Energy and heart energy blend in wholeness, in perfection, in divinity, in that something where your energy is accumulating for so long, in this explosive charged faze, that the bang happens and the opening of the upper world happens.

Let this happen through your love! Let this happen through your mercy! Because, life gave you an opportunity and a chance to get to know yourself, and not society!

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