Lana Praner

Lana Praner is a person elevating with her own personal frequency the collective consciousness of people to achieve inner peace and harmony. She is unveiling the world of Afterlife and is the connection to the physical worlds of outer planetary Constellations as well as the connection with all the intermediate, partially compact, flowing, temporary worlds, where energies reach their own level of maturity.


Global future

Destined partnership


306, 2022

Protecting your energy

So you close your space as you would set up a little house in some kind of a small
room, where you will do things all by yourself. In conclusion, it is important
that one protects himself.

Before you begin with anything, anywhere, with anyone, not
only with us, with others, among any other people and you will begin any kind
of a different techniques, or yoga, wherever, it so […]

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