Presenter: Lana Praner with the Lords
(a short excerpt – the whole lecture is 43 pages long)

Because today, when you observe your own world, I will say, first the planet Earth, you are not interested at all, almost no one, what is happening around the Earth.

But if you would observe the vastness you would see the narrowness too. That is to say, if you would see wider, to what is happening around the world, you would know, what is coming to you! Because you are nothing else but a part of the whole of this creation, of planet Earth.

That is why I would suggest you to wake up and see what is happening around the world!

Because few things that were happening three, four years or five years or nine years ahead of others or in the period of other countries, is coming to you as well. Because this is a collective karma, through which you intertwine.
Because all of those who are making decisions about the authority – I apologise to everyone that are making decisions, because they are making them very poorly, because very simply, all they see and you see or they are going to see is only one path – salvation in money, which is your devastation!

Unfortunately, these are all people, who already, once, caused corruption, and therefore haggling happened as well as demolition of the planet, where Mother Earth has withdrawn itself.

In the same process, when you look at things globally, if you are even capable of looking, unfortunately, globally, because you aren’t interested at all in what is happening globally, you would actually see where you are drifting. You are drifting in your own ending!
The Earth will strongly reshape itself, not just Slovenia, which I will squeeze myself into.

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