Presenter: Mrs. Lana Praner with the Lords

∼ Technique ∼

When you want to find peace within you, just think of becoming aware of your brain.

Bring the thought to it.

Can you feel the pressure in your head?

Inhale fresh air through your nose and you can feel how it rotates inside your head.

Head or brain are starting to become more and more light.

More and more pure. More and more white.

And in one moment the energy of the very thought starts descending through your
throat. Keep the thought on your throat.

Inside the throat chakra, you can sometimes feel a certain so called lump.

Right there the in-expression is trapped.

Consciously keep the energy on this lump or throat.

And then slowly, slowly it starts moving down in to the lungs.

That is why with a slow inhale, when you inhale through nose you will feel, it
doesn’t go in to brain anymore but in lungs.

And the energy descends lower and lower, all the way down to the part of genitals.

This organs are cleansing, purifying and in the focal point vaginal flow or virility, the energy
starts swirling, because it is flowing out and the sediment is purifying inside of you, which
is like fear or insecurity, which is captivation of everything.

Just descend the energy so the insecurity or sediment flow out of you.

Inhale the new energy. New life.

Inhale the wind.

Inhale life.

Inhale happiness.

Inhale the wholeness.

Inhale yourself and your wishes.

Inhale the joy.

And all that is left, let the heaviness be taken away by the wind, or let the Earth decent it to life.

Now you feel, from within, the lightness, the emptiness without a sediment.

If you can still feel the sediments through your legs, just let it be and observe the process where an inner
energy slowly, as a crackle of captivity, dissolves away.

Slowly it descends downward the inner sides of legs, and you don’t guide it, but you are
in a state of love and acceptance only.

Do you feel peace?

Do you feel life?

Do you feel that you are who you are?

The gracefulness, the warmth, a pillar of a proud self and
beautiful face. And right this exact energy is the energy that is accepted by sentience and
the sentience lets it in, therefore, on your face each time more warmth and gracefulness
slowly emerges.

That is the first stage in the step of knowing and being aware so that you are, again,
becoming who you really are, in the world of life, in which you are. Right through this very
energy you are capable to transmit peace and harmony on the planet Earth and

Don’t fear your mistakes! Don’t fear your own insecurities.

Be proud that you are who you are and that you are doing more as you are capable of or you think you are.

Whenever the panic, insecurity or the feeling of uneasiness overcomes you, remember the energy of
this moment and inhale it in a brain and inhale it through yourself into the nose.

And the energy of captivity will unburden and the freshness will cleanse your inner Self.

That is when you will know that there, above you, is still someone who extremely, I can’t use the
word love, but someone who breathes, feels and suffers and is in pain when there is no
love through eternity.

Someone Above, as a Source, is in the same energy as you can be, right now, at this moment. And exactly with this feeling, I will, in this time, say goodbye to
all of you.

Try to keep this peace inside yourself and over and over again upgrade it, from a moment to moment, from time to time, from eternity to eternity.

And most certainly a smile on your face will appear.

Best wishes.