Presenter: Lana Praner with the Lords
(a short excerpt – the whole lecture is 22 pages long)

When you merge as friends and no one enters a relationship with hatred, with the energy of hatred, what matters here is, again, the beginning.

Remember and I remind you so you will remember and become aware!
As you sighed your »yes« and consciously signed, gave a seal, and therefore the same separates from the same.
That is to say that in a separation, again, the signature and seal are needed that you are separating. That is bureaucracy.

But in the matter of energies, it is a much more powerful energy of something which is essential and here I will stop for a while.

Everyone who enters into love or relationship, doesn’t enter in hatred. Maybe there isn’t even one percent where you would consciously decide to enter a relationship with hatred. Maybe only when they sell you and even then you were brought up differently and you have a different program. Therefore it is important to finish as you started. That is an equal conclusion.

Sometimes, when you are ending a relationship, you hate yourself terribly. You hold grudges that are enormous. Enormous pain, smugness, jealousy, certain words are said from both sides or layers and aren’t something honourable.

That is why, think! The way you begin, is the way you end.

How to finish the process in an equal proportion so you end good with good?

Always and everywhere, we were warning you – be with someone until you like it. Remember and memorise that!

When it is not beautiful anymore then separate so it will be beautiful, as friends, for the two of you as well! Remember and memorise that!

Here lies the biggest power of the biggest hidden energy or code that can be controlled.

Download PDF – PARTNER SEPARATION, Lana Praner