Presenter: Mrs. Lana Praner with The Lords

(A short excerpt, the entire text spans 20 pages)

What about those who will stay?

This is a topic through which we will today be touching the earthly everything.
Many of you have in the spiritual world, through life, through journey, already from birth, all the way
to previous time, been thinking about your departure. How to leave Earth? In what way to free youself
from captivity of the planet, or from resurrection? How to return home?

We narrated a lot about this topic at previous gatherings. However today, We will be opening a veil
of light of time of the future for those, who will wish or want to stay.

In the next few weeks, the world of everything will be covered. All layers will be covered and
exposed. Therefore be very wise and listen to this lecture several times. Don’t try to spit on God’s
Word, but listen to it and try to hear, understand, and perhaps accept.
For, it is through this, that you may still be able to lower the veil behind your eye and see the truth
with which you can change and maybe, maybe even influence your time, the existence of life on the
planet Earth.

As you can see, you may see yourself rushing to the ending. But not quite by your choice! Or is it?
Either way, from any point of view, we could say that you are the co-creators of that what is and what
will be.

As you know, in further course of this journey, the closing time and the possibility of departure will
pass for all who will choose to do so.
But because, we traverse and come from the previous time, which means from time back in time,
we can reveal you the complete truth about everything and everyone.

So be attentive!

Therefore we know and are able to stand for the Divine Word or God of the Source of all, of the
Resurrection of all.