Presenter: Mrs. Lana Praner with The Lords, Slovenia, February 2021

(A short excerpt, the entire text spans 13 pages)

The world of life in which you are, or as a human being, you are and can still be, is a world
that is ending.

The world you knew, you will soon no longer know. The reason is, that you’re seemingly
modern technology, know-how, and knowledge are shallow and of null value, but nevertheless
human always imagine that through robotization they can achieve the greatness of victory over

Human! Who do you think you are? God? Who are you to think that you are anything at all?
Everyone living in this time will witness the completion of this journey. However, you are
not the first. But you are definitely the last!

The time that you are in, is the time when technology is taking over the human. Just the
word that technology is entering the human body has to tell you everything. That it is no
longer a human body, but a robot.

Why insert a robot into yourself?

Very simply because they are looking for that something that is from you!

Dear human, are you crazy or are you already almost a robot? Dear human, what do you have
in you that a robot does not have?

Dear human, what do you have that they, or that something does not have? What do you have
that they want to have? What do you have that they can never embrace?

to which you belong!

You belong to the SOURCE, you belong to GOD, you belong to Someone who will never ever
be a member of the underground or the matrix.

Download PDF – CAUTION, Lana Praner