Presenter: Lana Praner with the Lords

(A short excerpt, the entire text spans 29 pages)

First, you have to get rid of some kind of a shackle of which we spoke before, which is inward, at the very beginning.

That is to say.

When you meditate or visualize or you actually start going deeper in yourself – alone! No
one should be next to you! Alone, in your palms.

Literally, start observing and sensing the dagger.

You will feel it as an iron, that is actually roaring, scorching, or rusting in your palm.

Once you sense this dagger through calmness, try to gradually grab it for the top part.

Instantly some kind of icy energy will establish. You will literally feel crawling in this part.Why is it important to remove the dagger?

This dagger actually prevents the dark forces of dark creation to help people who vibrate
higher. This means they will not collaborate at helping people to help one another to undo
these shackles.

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