Lana Praner is a person elevating with her own personal frequency the collective consciousness of people to achieve inner peace and harmony. She is unveiling the world of Afterlife and is the connection to the physical worlds of outer planetary Constellations as well as the connection with all the intermediate, partially compact, flowing, temporary worlds, where energies reach their own level of maturity.

She is dedicating her body to The Highest of The Supreme Deities of Original Existence. The Source allows the Highest of Light to educate and reveal the paths to the lowest through Her, to all of those who are on planet Earth ready for transformation and eventual return back Home.

Lana Praner teaches with Their cooperation, with an intention and desire for a human to collect himself back into an immortal body in an easier way, which allows him the fusion bond of the beginning and the end of his journey.

By offering personal sessions she enables the insight into previous lives which are the foundation for individual’s life here and now.

And not only that, Lana is a person who has overcome the physical decay of the soul and has been able to return and revive her physical earthly body back to life.

Consequently, she has, through her highest point, managed to supplant the lowest point of mortality, where corpses are buried, trapped at the level of the world unknown to man. This is what gives her the ability to live through ancient records of people and decant them into records of the final life.

Through her, a person understands and perceives who he is, what he is and why he is.


Lords, who collaborate with Lana Praner, are the components of Her peak and are Beings of the Highest Honour of immortality, still using their primordial immortal bodies of the first planet where the life of compactness has begun.

And not only that, they are also given and delegated by Source. Underneath them all Beings are included, of all creations that have remained in different galaxies, dimensions, planetary constellations, planetary spaces, intermediate, temporary, immortal, mortal, decaying, trapped, captured in Light, Darkness, intermediate lives, physical, primordial, dreamy and many others who are stuck or waiting on different timelines, places in the form of energy of the spirit or soul.

This is just a little piece that they own, and on this basis, together with Lana Praner, they participate in the kingdoms mentioned above as well.



Gatherings with Lana Praner and her Lords are taking place once a month. On these opportunities, Lana opens the flow of Their entry into the world of living life through her own body, so they can reveal the greatest secrets and wisdoms of cosmic existence.

The greatest heavenly knowledge flows to a man Through Them, empowering an individual to awaken sleeping wisdoms and their Supreme beings, which are awaken only when man comes to the ultimate sleep.

Sovereign Men are granting techniques for each individual to achieve the highest bond with his primordial or original Home. Through offerings that are passed on only on these gatherings, they help to elevate inner wisdom and strength.



Renewal workshops (RW) allow an individual to build himself through techniques that were given by the Highest of the Highest Celestial Beings. These workshops were formed and finally enthroned through Lana Praner, who for the first time in the existence of mankind revived and dedicated them to modern man, as a path of hope and his victory, which allows him to raise his hand triumphantly at the end of life.

Through this, everyone will finally be able to decide what and who will actually be. Thus, we will overcome the karma of the Earth and destiny will be completed.




Schooling is conducted under the auspices of Academia Lana Praner (ALP), through which an individual shapes, completes and upgrades his knowledge to reach the level of a person who is able to pass on certain knowledge and techniques among people.



Joining the camp, in the embrace of nature, you connect with its heartbeat, life and breath. You get familiar with the power of energy and different secrets that Lana Praner prepares for you over and over again.



Learning seminars are dedicated especially to those who want to upgrade their knowledge even further more.



All the books of Lana Praner decant a living word which makes them energetically alive. Their content reveals the veils of secrets, through which a human remembers his own buried and forgotten values and comes to the point of realisation of who he really is.

Published books of Lana Praner:


A content captures a first movement of energy that was created by God or Light of the Supreme Light, to send her on her journey. It describes her assembling and the journey of energy through time and space to the moment of the physical body and to the mystery of its inwardness, revealing why a human is a little universe in itself.


A destined reveals a universal existence and at the same time the intertwining of karma and destiny. Through love comes a moment of perfection.


A book reveals the beginning of a mysterious journey that leads a soul to the final moment, when the soul is determined in its wish to return Home. Only then he understands the power of God, the mysterious all-mighty.

ALP Trainer’s Guide Module I.

Trainer’s guide is a support for personal growth of an individual because its content emphasises the basic knowledge and techniques from the Heaven’s Heaven of everything unknown, with which an individual awakens his own sleeping Beings of Light helping him to move to his own liberation.

Lord’s year

This work serves as a support and awakening and therefore through thoughts, which are flowing through it, each individual understands life in the Light of wisdom and power. You can use it as a diary where you keep the most precious moments as one’s reminder and encouragement.

It can also serve you as a planner or a notebook, so you don’t forget anything.

The magic of the year of the Lord is revealed through each new month, inspiring and surprising you with a variety of creation and energy.